Working on: Easy Explain

I have always wanted to build a website that makes it easier to understand things. Many things are so hard to understand: textbooks, papers, super serious technical talks, and the alike. This should be easier… or maybe it can be?

Easy explain works by letting you recommend what explanation they think it’s the best for a certain concept or terminology. You can vote “easy” or “hard”, so that the ones that are easiest for the general public to understand can be get more attention to those seeking a better explanation. You can subscribe to anyone with a similar taste as you. The website is not live yet, but I’m posting some screenshots here. One screenshot actually contains a lot of words, so you can say I’m cheating on my 10 sentence rule right now. Ok, maybe I am, since I’m very excited about this project and all.

Home screen

About screen

Category screen

View Item screen


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